Flower Wall Hire

Flowers are an important part of celebrations and weddings. A wedding can be the most special day of a couple’s life, so why not ensure it is one to remember for many years to come? You don’t need to hire a designer, florist or interior decorator to make your day unforgettable, you can get a professional flower wall service and create a lasting memory for you and your guests.


A flower wall is an ideal way to add colour, texture and beauty to any indoor space. Flowers can be used to complement your wedding theme, they can be hung in strategic areas to enhance the atmosphere of the venue, and they can also be used as a focal point. Unique Events can create a unique floral wall that suits your wedding or corporate event theme.


Unique Events is one of the leading flower wall hire companies in Ireland offering stunning flower walls which are designed to complement any event. Whether you are looking for a traditional wall of flowers or a contemporary wall of flowers, we will work with you to create a design that will complement your event.

Why Choose Us

Unique Events is specialist in creating beautiful flower walls for weddings and events. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or an intimate wedding, Unique Events can create the ideal flower wall for your special day.


Unique Events can create the perfect flower wall for your wedding. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to deliver exceptional quality at extremely competitive prices.


From simple arrangements to highly complex floral designs, Unique Events can do it all!


We offer our services all year round so contact us today for a quote. We guarantee that our service will leave you feeling completely satisfied.


So, call Unique Events today to talk to one of our team members about the best ways to display and arrange your wedding flowers.